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Makiri 720mL

Junmai Ginjo • Extra Dry

Rich flavor with a clean and crisp aftertaste. This super dry sake is brewed using the traditional "Kimoto" method. This refreshing and versatile Sake can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Both sake connoisseurs and novices love this sake.

Brewery: Tohoku Meijo Co., Ltd. (website)

Region: Tohoku, Yamagata


Sake Meter Value: +8
Alcohol: 15-16%
Acidity: 1.5
Polishing Rate: 55%
Variety of Rice: MIyama Nishiki

Serving Recommendation: Chilled, Room Temperature, Warm
Food Pairing: Sushi, Sashimi


JFC Item Number: 28137
Packing: 6/720mL