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Aka Mao Shochu Soju  750mL

Shochu • Dry

High quality sweet potato Shochu, matured in earthen pot for one year. As it enters, full aroma of baked sweet potato spreads nicely. Rich Umami and sweetness of sweet potato lingers on to the finish. Elegantly balanced Shochu, recommended especially with hot water.

Brewery: Inoue Shuzo

Region: Kyushu, Miyazaki

Shochu FACTS

Ingredients: Sweet potato
Alcohol: 24%

Serving Recommendation: On-the-rocks, With Water, Hot Water
Food Pairing: Potato gratin, wweet and sour pork


JFC Item Number: 19394
Circulation Temperature: Dry, Reefer
Packing: 12/750mL
UPC: 084391193947