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Jozen Aged Pink 720mL

Junmai Ginjo • Medium Dry & Moderate Acidity

This sake has matured in the tank for two years at low temperature. It is the “older sister” of the Jozen White. The aroma is a mix of mineral tones and fruit. The first sip is like water rushing over rocks. There are subtle swirls of peach, nectarine and juicy cherry that melt into a delicate rice grain finish. The mineral undertones of the water join together the sweet with the savory, and the past with the present.

Brewery: Shirataki Sake Brewery (website)

Region: Tohoku, Niigata


Sake Meter Value: +3
Alcohol: 15-16%
Acidity: 1.7
Polishing Rate: 55%

Serving Recommendation: Chilled
Food Pairing: Caesar salad, Cream pasta, Spicy tuna roll


JFC Item Number: 48644
Packing: 12/720mL