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Futsu-shu • Well-balanced

Crafted in honor of Hakutsuru's acclaimed TOJI-KAN (Head Brewmaster), Masao Nakazawa, to be the perfect brew to enjoy at day's end, TOJI-KAN combines Mr. Nakazawa's masterful brewing techniques with 100% Yamda Nishiki rice to create a balanced and refreshing Sake. Serve lightly chilled to enjoy its lively complexity or serve warm for delightfully mellow kuxurious flavor.

Brewery: Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. (website)

Region: Kinki, Hyogo


Sake Meter Value: +2
Alcohol: 15.3%
Acidity: 1.4
Polishing Rate: 70%
Variety of Rice: Yamadanishiki

Serving Recommendation: Chilled, Room Temperature, Warm, Hot
Food Pairing: Sushi, fried chicken, ramen or noodle soups, and savory quiche


JFC Item Number: 43970
Circulation Temperature: Dry
Packing: 6/1.8L
UPC: 747846040189