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Ninki-Ichi Gold Junmai Daiginjo 300mL

Junmai Daiginjo • Light & Slightly Sweet

Nice Ginjo style aromatic scent with slight peppery and medium body finish. The light sweetness of fruit complimented by the elegant acidity which make this sake enjoyable in slightly chilled temperature and well paired with medium flavor cuisines.

Brewery: Ninki Shuzo (website)

Region: Tohoku, Fukushima


Sake Meter Value: +2.0
Alcohol: 15.5%
Acidity: 1.8
Polishing Rate: 50%
Variety of Rice: Fukushima Sake Rice

Serving Recommendation: Chilled, Room Temperature


JFC Item Number: 23237
Packing: 12/300mL
UPC: 6 46828 10067 8