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Hakushika Kijuro Sake 300mL

Tokubetsu Honjozo • Light & Dry

This sake is made with a 25% blend of Ginjo sake and brewed with the famed "Miyamizu" water. Bold body, dry taste and refreshing flavor.

Brewery: Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co.,Ltd. (website)

Region: Kinki, Hyogo


Sake Meter Value: +3
Alcohol: 14.7%
Acidity: 1.3
Polishing Rate: Ginjo 60%, Honjozo 70%
Variety of Rice: Hyogo Yumenishiki, Nakate Shinsenbon

Serving Recommendation: Chilled, Warm
Food Pairing: Excellent for pairing with Japanese barbecued skewered cuisine (beef and asparagus, chicken and leek shishito peppers, yellow onion), tempura (seafood, poultry, vegetable) and noodles (udon, soba, and yakisoba).


JFC Item Number: 22483
Circulation Temperature: Room Temperature
Packing: 12/300mL
UPC: 0-84391-22483-2