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Ninki-Ichi Kuroninki Junmai Ginjo 720mL

Junmai Ginjo • Fragrant & Smooth

Aroma with a wide flavor and Junmai character are perfectly featured. The smoothness and silkiness will lead to a long lasting finish.

Brewery: Ninki Shuzo (website)

Region: Tohoku, Fukushima


Sake Meter Value: 3.5
Alcohol: 15.5%
Acidity: 1
Polishing Rate: 60%
Variety of Rice: Fukushima Sake Rice

Serving Recommendation: Chilled
Food Pairing: Tempura, Fish cooked in soy sauce, Yakitori, Deep fried syster, Oden


JFC Item Number: 15071
Packing: 6/720mL
UPC: 6 46828 10065 4