Leading Distributor of Fine Sake & Shochu

Tanzan Shuzo Ltd.

Two young innovative Hasegawa sisters, who are themselves female Sake-masters, manage the century-old brewery. Female Sake-master (Toji) is still a rare phenomenon in the traditional trade of Sake-making, and the sisters caught a lot of the media attention several years ago.

Being quite unique among other breweries, Tanzan is full of new ideas. For example, it has earned its popularity among young Sake connoisseurs by introducing a line of a trendy, ligher, and more fruity line of Sake products. After its recent success in Japan, Tanzan has set its eyes on the overseas market. Now its products are distributed in countries like U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.



(Sparkling Junmai Sake, 300ml)

Delicately carbonated Sake like champagne, with light taste. Served chilled with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.