Leading Distributor of Fine Sake & Shochu

Daishichi Brewery was founded in 1752 in the castle town of Nihonmatsu, located in the north eastern part of Japan. Sake brewing has been passed down from generation to generation in the Ota family, and the brewery has become famous all over Japan.

The fine reputation of Daishichi comes not only from the high quality of their Sake, but also from their use of the "KIMOTO" method of creating the starter mash, a superior Sake brewing technique developed in the 17th century. In fact, Daishichi was the first brewery to win a Gold Prize at the National Sake Tasting Competition with a Kimoto-brewed Sake.

Daishichi enjoys a fine reputation in the US and Europe garnered through participation in numerous tasting events and trade fairs. It is currently one of the most popular brands exported to the US. Daishichi has also been highly praised in two appearances at VINEXPO, in Bordeaux, France.

The KIMOTO (means seed mash) method has a 300 years old history. It is an authentic way of creating a large and pure concentration of yeast cells for Sake. By controlling temperature, microorganisms are carefully made to properly multiply. It is a very precise brewing process that results in a 100% pure concentration of only sake yeast.

Sake brewed in the Kimoto method has a complex and harmonious natural fragrance, a strong finishing quality, and a smooth and balanced feel on the palate. All products of Daishichi are brewed through it. That's why Daishichi stands unique and accomplished among Japanese brewers.

When brewing sake, the rice used must first be milled to remove the bran near the surface. The bran contributes to strange flavors during fermentation, and thoroughly removing the outer portion of the rice grains is a prerequisite to brewing good sake.

The rice used for Sake brewing, a variety known as Japonica, has flat, thicker areas which the conventional polishing technique hasn't been able to evenly polish away. However, Daishichi Brewery developed the award-winning technology called "Super-flat rice polishing" which gives a special attention to these hard-to-polish areas.

Daishichi Sake is refined yet very powerful with great individuality.
The uniqueness of Daishichi is especially welcomed by those people who are not satisfied with the monotonous and similar flavors of many Sake products.