Leading Distributor of Fine Sake & Shochu


Choryo Shuzo is located at Koryo-cho town in the north-west of Nara which is said to be the birthplace of Sake.

Koryo-cho is surrounded by our historic heritages: the shrine dedicated to the God of Sake "Omiwa Jinja" to the east, the holy site of Buddhism origin Asuka-ji to the south, and Horyu-ji temple nominated as a World Heritage to the north.

Sake Brewing

~No satisfaction in pursuing at the best Sake brewing.~

The philosophy of our Sake brewing is based on "Shou-dou-mu-kyu-kyoku"(no satisfaction in pursuing at the best Sake brewing). We have sincerely been dedicating ourselves to brewing the Sake of the best customers satisfaction, for which we cordially keeping in mind; rice, water, people, and Sake brewing.


~The Omachi Sake Rice~

We give the utmost importance to developing high quality rice and rice production areas.

The rice used for our sake is called Omachi sake rice, which is all produced in the Takashima area in Okayama prefecture.

The farmers take pride in making the best sake rice.

By fostering a close relationship and exchanging information constantly with rice producers, we continue to make safe and high quality sake from Omachi sake rice.

Product for Export

Junmai-ginjo kawachi Ondo

This Sake was brewed in the best traditional way using only the famous Sake rice Omachi harvested in Okayama prefecture. This type of junmai-ginjo brings you very sharp and clear taste, well balanced flavors and of course soft ginjo aroma.

Grade Jumai-ginjo
Volume 720ml
Alcohol 15-16%
Sake meter value 2
Acidity 1.5

Tokubetsu Junmai-shu Omachi

After being brewed in the best traditional way using only the best Omachi rice, bottled Omachi Sake aged in a cool cellar. Its maturity brings out its soft steady and rich aroma. You can enjoy a lingering flavor with a faint junmai Sake aroma.

Grade Tokubetsu Jumai -Shu
Volume 720ml
Alcohol 15-16%
Sake meter value 2
Acidity 1.5

Sparkling Nigorizake Sawa Sawa

This is a sparkling Sake made of rice and rice koji. It has carbonic acid gas generated naturally by the bottle fermentation. And its clean sweetness reminds you of refreshing champagne.

Grade Jumai-shu (Sparkling Sake)
Volume 250ml
Alcohol 8-9%
Sake meter value -55
Acidity 2.3

Long term aging Sake Tsukihi Kasanete 1992

Beautiful amber-colored Sake made by aging Honjozo undiluted Sake brewed in 1992, at a low temperature for a long period of time. It has a unique, full-bodied, mild flavor and a rich aroma. This Sake can be enjoyed with a meal, or after with dried figs, bitter chocolate or other desserts.

Grade Honjozo-shu
Volume 500ml
Alcohol 19%
Sake meter value +-0
Acidity 1.9